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Our Privacy Policy

This Notice describes how the information you provide may be used or shared. Please read carefully. 

CaMo® collects information about you to help care for you. We keep all information provided strictly confidential, and will never divulge information about you [without your informed consent] except in an emergency, or under circumstances where pertinent information is required that directly impacts your health or the services we provide. 

We use electronic record systems to assess your transportation needs. These systems have safeguards to protect personal information. We also limit the use of information to those who need it to do their job. Doctors and other people not employed by CaMo® may share information they have about you with us so we may customize services to best suit your needs. We, in turn, may share details regarding your procedure [with your doctor, other medical professionals, and the transportation company] to provide the safest and best mode of transportation needed for you post-procedure. 

CaMo® may also share medical information about you so that you can get:

  • medicine, medical equipment, or other items you need after your procedure 

  • transportation, home care, nursing care, or other health care services you may request or need

CaMo® may use and share information about you for business reasons. Some of the business reasons include: 

  •  following laws and regulations 

  • improving our care and services  

  • determining our clients’ satisfaction

  •  billing and collection of payment

Only with your informed consent will CaMo® share information about you with a family member or friend whom you wish to be directly involved in your care. However, in emergencies or other situations in which you are unable to tell us who to share information with, we will use our best judgment and share only information that others need to know. We may also share information about you with a public or private agency during a disaster so that the agency can help contact your family or friends to tell them where you are and how you are doing.

CaMo® may use information provided to contact you by mail, phone, text, or email to: 

  • confirm your reservation/booking   

  • follow up after your procedure 

  • ask you how well we cared for you

CaMo® will not leave messages on your voicemail without your permission.

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