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The Post-Procedural Services We Offer

We show up so you can go home. It's that simple.

CaMo (Care On The Move) offers a range of service packages to meet your needs.

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CaMo Basic

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  • Book your ride at least 2 days in advance for the best value and to ensure availability.

  • We will coordinate your pick up time with your Health Care Provider and meet you there in the waiting room.

  • Car and driver.

  • Next day follow up call or text.

A responsible adult to meet you at the office of your procedure and drive you home. Booked at least 48 hours in advance. 

Available either within Manhattan or the Boroughs.

Best value.

CaMo Standard

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Ideal for minor surgical procedures.

  • Strongly recommended for surgical patients.

  • Assistance post-procedure / recovery area 

  • Staff present to review discharge instructions.

  • Car and driver.

  • Post-procedure settle (in-home).

  • Next day follow up call or text.

For those that might need a bit more help post- procedure, we offer more assistance in the facility and get you inside your home.

Available either within Manhattan or the Boroughs.

CaMo Enhanced

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A higher level of care from review of procedure instructions the day before to 2 -way transportation and more...

Available either within Manhattan or the Boroughs.

  • Review of procedure instructions 1-day before procedure

  • Round trip with escort and driven car

  • Assistance post-procedure / recovery area

  • Brief status update to point of contact (if requested

  • Post-procedure settle after arrival to residence (if needed)

  • Prescription or medical supply retrieval (if needed)

  • Next day follow up call or text.

If you are looking for these services to return to NJ or Westchester you can contact us for a custom quote, knowing that it will be more expensive because of tolls and time spent to and from the journey to your home.

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Nurse with patient

Health Care Providers

See How!

Book a 30 minute breakfast meeting and we'll bring coffee and pastries for the team.

Don't cancel that procedure! See how we can help your practice stay on schedule.

Extra Care Services With Our R.N. Staff

Chemo Treatment Infusion

CaMo Concierge

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Nursing Care For A Range of Special Services

  • Initial assessment ($200) 

  • Price subject to change depending on availability, travel time and task.

  • Vital Signs/Daily Weights with weekly report submission to Physician

  • Vaccinations (must be arranged in advance)

  • Fertility Injections

  • Chemotherapy/Infusion Companion


Car and Driver to your preferred destination may be added at an additional cost (see CaMo Basic booked at least 48 hours in advance)

For those who need some nursing care from vital signs check ins/ daily weigh-ins, to chemo infusion companionship, or fertility injections... learn more.

CaMo Privé

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For exclusive clientele seeking the ultimate in private and discreet nursing care

Hourly rate starts at $250, with two hour minimum, includes CaMo transportation from your medical facility within Manhattan only.

Perfect for plastic surgery patients.

  • Weekly rates available

  • Transportation outside Manhattan not included

  • Supplemental fees after 4pm, nights, weekends or holidays 

  • Private Duty Hospital stay rates available (please inquire)

  • $250 non-refundable deposit required. Advance booking necessary.

If you are having a procedure that requires nursing care and discretion, our nurses can work with you to get you from your health care facility, to your rest and recovery destination and nurse you for the needed time period.

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CaMo Ultimate

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For clients who may be coming from overseas or out of town for medical treatment.

  • Create a care plan per surgeon/physician directives 

  • Coordinate required appointments and tests

  • Book clearance appointments (i.e.medical, cardiac, etc.)

  • Schedule diagnostic tests (i.e. EKG, bloodwork, X-Rays, etc.)

  • Expeditious Pre-Admission Testing appointment

  • Escorted transportation to appointments via driven car may be added to the service.

If you are traveling for medical treatment we can help to coordinate  and plan your pre-surgery appointments such as blood work, clearance  and diagnostic tests. A totally customized service based on your needs in NY or NC.

Coverage Areas

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